Establishment of NTT Green & Food, Inc. – A Joint Venture between NTT and Regional Fish: Aiming to Create New Industries with Local Communities

NTT Green & Food, Inc.

NTT Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Akira Shimada, “NTT”) and Regional Fish Institute, Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, President and CEO: Tadanori Umekawa, “Regional Fish”) will establish the joint venture company, “NTT Green & Food, Inc.,” and will commence operations on 2023 July 1. NTT Green & Food, Inc., under the corporate philosophy of “Designing the future of the earth and food by using technology to leverage the blessings of nature,” will conduct business that contributes to solving issues such as the decline of the fishing the industry, food shortages, and environmental issues.

1. Background & Purpose

Japan is currently facing many issues, such as a decline in the working population of the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries and an accelerated aging population, in addition to a decline in the food self-sufficiency rate. This is particularly evident in the fishing industry, which is losing its former glory. In Japan, which was previously a world-leader in the sector, both the number of workers and the production volume of fish products have decreased by about 60%*1 in roughly 30 years. Also, catching fish traditionally caught in coastal waters has become impossible due to rising sea temperatures caused by climate change and overfishing. In turn, this is starting to significantly impact regional fishing, processing, and ice-making industries.
While globally, the explosion in population and geopolitical risks are causing people to fiercely compete for food and resources, leading to a marked increase in price. To support this robust demand, the production volume in the fishing industry, especially in aquaculture, has increased drastically. As a result, there has been a noticeable shift from caught fish to cultivated fish.
Can we maintain the current food supply ten years into the future? Will we be able to safely pass the baton on to the children of future generations? To solve the concerns and issues regarding food and the environment in Japan and throughout the world, NTT, together with Regional Fish, established the joint venture, NTT Green & Food, Inc., and began operations on July 1, 2023.

2. Business Overview

The NTT Group possesses information and communications technology, such as IoT and AI, and technology to produce microalgae, which absorbs more CO2 and is also feed for fish and shellfish. Regional Fish possesses cutting-edge breed improvement*2 and aquaculture technology. We will combine the technology and expertise of both companies, and first focus on selling fish and shellfish. Specifically, we will collaborate with local governments and produce fish and shellfish by constructing land-based aquaculture facilities. We will sell the fish produced not only as branded fish to local supermarkets and restaurants, but also through major retail and distribution companies. We will also use the fish as products for the hometown tax program.
We will create jobs by coordinating with local companies for production, processing, and sales. In addition to this, by also providing opportunities for education regarding cutting-edge aquaculture and environmental conservation technology, we aim to contribute to the revitalization of local industries and the development of sustainable local communities. In addition, as it will be possible to reduce the risk of parasites such as Anisakis and infectious diseases, we will be able to produce safe, high-value fish and shellfish.

Figure 1. Illustration of regional revitalization driven by land-based aquaculture

3. Joint Venture Overview

Company NameNTT Green & Food, Inc.
Company Logo
RepresentativePresident and CEO Yoshikazu Kusumi
Location5-1, Otemachi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital9.2 billion yen
Shareholder StructureNTT Corporation
Regional Fish Institute, Ltd.
Business Start Date2023.07.01 (tentative)
Main Business Activities1. Breeding improvement, production, and sale of fish and shellfish
2. Breeding improvement, production, and sale of microalgae. Development of feed using microalgae
3. Research, development and provision of sustainable land-based aquaculture systems*3
Official Website
Note: Accessible from 10:00 a.m., 2023 July 3 Monday

Figure 2. The Green Food Business

4. Future Initiatives

Under the philosophy of designing the future of the earth and food by using technology to leverage the blessings of nature, and through enhancing and expanding our collaboration with local communities, and constructing land-based aquaculture facilities, we will contribute to the development of Japan’s fishing industry.
Specifically, we will realize smart*4 land-based aquaculture that makes use of the NTT Group’s IoT and AI technology and develop eco-friendly, sustainable land-based aquaculture. In doing so, we will promote circular and sustainable initiatives that develop local industries while being in harmony with nature.

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Note: The information in the news release is correct as the announcement date.

*1: Source Japan Fisheries Agency. 2017 Fisheries White Paper
*2: Breeding technology, including genome editing technology, intentionally cleaves specific nucleotide sequences in living organisms and alters the original functions by altering the nucleotide sequences that occur during the process of repairing the cleaved DNA. Unlike gene recombination technology that modifies functions by introducing genes from foreign sources, it is regarded as the same as conventional breeding because it only changes its own base sequence.
*3: Land-based aquaculture systems that use renewable energy and water purification plants
*4: Identification of fish development, management of water quality, and automation of feeding using IoT and AI

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