About Us

Business Vision that
NTT Green & Food Aims For

Our business is composed of A. the production and sale of microalgae, B. the production and sale of seafood, and C. the development and provision of sustainable land-based aquaculture systems.
We start a business on B. the production and sale of seafood.

Production and Sale of Eco-friendly Microalgae

We produce and sell microalgae that form the basis of fish and shellfish feed.
In the future, we aim to use the microalgae we produce in various fields, such as agricultural fertilizer in addition to fish and shellfish feed.

Production and Sale of Eco-friendly Seafood

We produce and sell fast-growing and high-quality seafood, using land-based aquaculture.

Development and Provision of
Eco-friendly Land-based Aquaculture Systems

We develop and provide cyclical land-based aquaculture systems that use renewable energy and water purification plants.

Background to Our Activities


Protecting the Environment

The increase in carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, is a leading cause of climate change. According to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, around 35% of atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed and fixated in the world’s oceans.
Fixation is the process where carbon dioxide is assimilated and converted into organic matter. If this conversion balance is disrupted and the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean continues to increase, oceans will become more acidic, impacting ecosystems.

Background to Our Activities


Preserving a Rich Dietary Lifestyle

The world population is continuing to grow rapidly. If we continue to pursue a rich dietary lifestyle in a world where the human population keeps increasing, we will face a shortage of protein necessary for us humans, an issue referred to as the Protein Crisis.

Source: Estimated from FAO’s “Global Production Statistics.”

Background to Our Activities


Reviving Japan’s Fishing Industry

The aging workforce and lack of workers are serious issues in Japan’s fishing industry. Although once the world’s number one producer, Japan has now fallen to eighth place.

NTT Green & Food’s
Vision for the Future

Focusing on using land-based aquaculture to produce marine products, we aim to contribute to regional development through job creation and revitalizing local industries.
NTT Green & Food will enhance its collaboration with its partners to realize a brighter future like this.

Contributing to Regional Development

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1Production of Marine Products (Branding)
  • 2Job Creation
  • 3Revitalization of Education and Local Industries
  • 4Increased Municipal Tax Revenue
  • 5Promotion of Decarbonization