Company Overview


Designing the Future of the Earth and Food
by Using Technology to take advantage of the Blessings of Nature

We founded NTT Green & Food to protect the environment,
keep a world where people can eat delicious food with peace of mind, and revive Japan’s fishing industry.
Please look forward to us taking on new challenges to ensure that eating delicious food on our beautiful planet continues to be an everyday norm.

Message from the President

Solving Food and Environmental Problems
in Japan and throughout the World

~Designing the future of the earth and food by using technology to leverage the blessings of nature~

We sincerely thank everyone for their warm support and patronage.
We at NTT Green & Food, Inc. are an NTT Group company that primarily uses land-based aquaculture to produce and sell eco-friendly fish and shellfish and the microalgae used for their feed.

With the explosion in global population, geopolitical risks, and the COVID-19 pandemic, people are fiercely competing for food and resources, which has caused rapid price increases.

On the other hand, Japan is facing many issues, such as a decline in the working population of the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries and an accelerated aging population, in addition to a decline in the food self-sufficiency rate. This trend is particularly evident in the fishing industry, where Japan, once the world’s number one producer, has now fallen to eighth place, impacting regional economies.

Also, from the perspective of the global environment, problems such as climate change are worsening every year. Rising sea temperatures and other changes are also affecting the fishing industry, making it difficult to catch fish traditionally caught in coastal waters.

Can we maintain the current food supply ten years into the future? Will we be able to safely pass the baton on to the children of future generations? We want to solve these concerns and issues regarding food and the environment. We want to empower local communities by reviving local industries such as the fishing industry. In July 2023, under these principles and aspirations, we established a joint venture company with members of the NTT Group and Regional Fish, a fisheries operator originating from Kyoto University.

NTT group companies possess expertise in technology to produce microalgae, which absorbs more CO2 and is also feed for fish and shellfish, and optimal aquaculture management using ICT. Regional Fish has expertise in fish and shellfish breed improvement and complete aquaculture technology. We will combine the expertise of both companies to realize a circular society while fully taking advantage of the blessings of nature using technology. In doing so, we aim to contribute to solving the food and environmental issues of local committees, Japan, and, eventually, the world. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

NTT Green & Food, Inc.
President and CEO
Yoshikazu Kusumi



Name To be solicited
Birthday July 1st
Gender Unknown
Fish and shellfish dishes
Hobbies Eating tasty fish and shellfish dishes; sunbathing
Special Skills I get energy from patrolling oceans and forests along with sunbathing (photosynthesis)
Job I breed fish, shellfish, and microalgae in various regions.
Isn’t my leaf scarf and heart-shaped tail fin lovely?
Dream To create a world where we can enjoy tasty marine products on a beautiful planet forever.

Company Information

Company Name NTT Green & Food, Inc.
President and CEO Yoshikazu Kusumi
Date of Establishment 2023.03.01
Business Start Date 2023.07.01
Location 5-1, Otemachi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital 9.2 billion yen
Business Activities 1. Breeding improvement, production, and sale of fish and shellfish
2. Breeding improvement, production, and sale of microalgae. Development of feed using microalgae
3. Research, development, and provision of sustainable land-based aquaculture systems*2
Shareholder Structure NTT Corporation, Regional Fish Institute, Ltd.